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Here is our price list. This list contains our cuts that we offer regularly including the prices per pound.

Please note that each cut is pre packaged in a vacuumed sealed wrapping. All cuts vary from less to a pound to more than a pound. 

There are certain cuts that range from more than pound to several pounds. We have stated the changes in pound with the cuts. Besides those that are different, the cuts are packaged to about a pound.

If you want to order individual cuts please email us through our contact us tab or you can email us directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Price per Pound



Ribeye Steaks $28 Average Steak .75
Top Sirloin $17.50
Filet Mignon $35 Average Steak .30
New York Steak $24 Average Steak .50
Sirloin Tip (Carne Asada Cut) $16
Ground Beef $10
Flank Steak $16
Skirt Steak $14
Tri Tip $24.50
Brisket $16
Chuck Roast $12 Averages 1.50 lbs to 4 lbs
Rump Roast $14 Averages 1.50 lbs to 2.50 lbs
London Broil $10
Stew Meat $13
Short Ribs $13
Flanken Ribs (Korean Ribs) $13
Hanger Steak $20
Bratwurst $14
Hot Italian $14 3 large links to a pound package
Sweet Italian $14 3 large links to a pound package
Chorizo $10
Farmers Sausage (Breakfast) $10
Ox Tail $15
Heart $12
Liver $12
Cheek Meat $15.50
Tripe $11
Marrow Gut $10.50
Neckbone $12
Marrow Bone $9
Stock Bones $5 Average Bag is 6 to 8 lbs


Pork Chops $18
Pork Steaks $15
Spareribs $11
Shoulder Roast $16
Jowls $7
Neckbones $5
Tenderloin $22
Feet $5
Chorizo $10
Farmers Sausage $10
Sweet Italian $14
Hot Italian $14
Bacon $14
Ham Steaks $15


Ground Lamb $13
Leg of Lamb Steak $15
Leg of Lamb $14
Lamb Shanks $14
Saratoga $25
Stew Meat $15
Loin Chops $20
Rib Chops $18


Whole Chickens $6 per pound Each chicken ranges 3.5 to 5.5 lbs

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