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The Relevance Of Personnel Background Checks

The Relevance Of Personnel Background Checks

Falsifying information on a job application is easy. Individuals do so every day in an attempt to obtain gainful employment. Sadly, not all do so for honest reasons. They are looking for more than a steady income and may actually wish to do harm to the business. Furthermore, they may be hiding criminal activity in their background or something else that could damage the reputation of the business. For these and numerous other reasons, every company should hire a Private Investigator to carry out background checks on new hires to ensure the right person is being brought into the organization. Following are some of the benefits of doing so.

A Reduction in Workplace Violence

This often isn't the first thing that comes to mind when an employer requests a background check, yet it is of great importance. The United States Department conducted a survey and found that approximately 1.75 million work days are lost as a result of violence in the workplace pearson investigations math, and this accounts for $55 million each year in lost wages. This doesn't include less obvious costs, such as legal expenses and the harm to the reputation of the business. With the help of a background check, companies find they can rule out those who have displayed violent behavior in the past and keep their employees safe.

Recruit Honest Employees

Theft and fraud in the workplace remain of concern to employers, as it is estimated the average organization loses five percent of their revenue each year to this type of fraud. Furthermore, more than 20 percent of cases led to a minimum of $1 million being lost, yet small businesses are most at risk of this type of activity. Sadly, 30 percent of employees state they have stolen from an employer, with more than 40 percent being those in a management position. A background check can help investigations to determine which potential employees are most likely to commit theft or fraud, which helps to minimize losses.

These are only two of the many reasons why a background check on every employee is now essential. Although this may feel as if it is a violation of the person's rights, it isn't. He or she willingly agrees to undergo the process, and this alone is enough to deter many who are likely to commit a crime from applying for a job. The employees who do submit to the process often do so as they know their workplace will be safer, other employees will be honest and more. Everyone wins in this situation, thus it is one task that should never be avoided.

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